Susan has been honored to serve the citizens of Ward 5 and Smyrna since 2011.

In her current term, Susan serves on the Traffic Calming and Education Committees. While in office, Susan has chaired the Parks and Recreation, Transportation, and Library & Cemetery committees as well as served on the Public Safety, Environmental Services, Historical Review, and Education committees.

Susan also served on a specially appointed committee to research and vet the best solutions for the city’s investment in the Hickory Lakes property, now the award-winning Smyrna Grove neighborhood in Ward 5.

Susan Wilkinson and her family with Congressman David Scott Susan and her family with Congressman David Scott.

An Atlanta native, Susan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and Illustration from the University of Georgia. After graduation, she worked for several design firms on corporate accounts for The Home Depot, The Coca-Cola Company, Arby’s, and Pizza Hut.

Susan moved to Smyrna as a single professional and worked as an independent contractor for more than 15 years. She gained diverse marketing experience working with such companies as Bell South Mobility, Southern Wall Products (RUCO®), and John Wieland Homes. As an independent design consultant, Susan worked extensively with developers, architects and engineers.

As a city council member, Susan is uniquely qualified, blending her visual design expertise with her current interests and background in zoning and development, and strong city governance.

An active participate in the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), Susan was recently awarded the prestigious Certificate of Dedication from the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute, a joint effort of GMA and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia.

Susan was one of only 8 state city officials – out of 538 member cities – to achieve this distinction in January 2023 – completing 276+ credits in city governance and leadership, including 108 required credits in courses ranging from municipal law, finance, economic development and transportation to water management and additionally 18 required credits from an Advanced Leadership tract.

Susan also participated in “mobile workshops” that allow officials to see how other cities are approaching urban revitalization – with the inclusion of affordable housing, innovative parks and recreation areas, and pedestrian and senior-friendly development.

Susan brings these insights into good governance and equitable growth together with the needs and priorities of all citizens in Ward 5. A good listener who meets regularly with local citizens to hear – and see – their concerns, Susan strives to represent the interests of youth and families, working professionals, seniors and retirees.

Among her many priorities, Susan strives to:

  • Strengthen schools and small businesses
  • Create safe and attractive neighborhoods
  • Promote responsible and equitable growth and redevelopment

Susan first moved to the Cheney Woods subdivision near the downtown area of Smyrna in 1986. She lives there with her husband, Doward, and they are the proud parents of two adult daughters who grew up in Smyrna and graduated from Georgia Tech. Susan and her family are members of the Smyrna First United Methodist Church.