For the past eight years it’s been my pleasure to meet and work alongside so many of you in local street clean-ups and Neighborhood Watch programs, public school events, and park festivals in Ward 5 and all of Smyrna.

My voting record demonstrates courage and commitment to the citizens of my community.

As your Smyrna city council member, I’m here to represent the interests of all citizens in Ward 5 and improve the quality of life in our city overall.

If re-elected, I will continue to advocate, support and cast my vote for —

A careful steward of taxpayer resources, I’ve sought to responsibly grow the amenities and services that increase our quality of life without imposing an undue tax burden or fee schedule on city residents.

In my eight years as the Parks and Recreation chair, I’ve worked to expand the network of parks, playgrounds, multi-use trails and bike-share services that citizens enjoy.

In my tenure I’ve been proud to see the council–

  • Approve a Parks and Recreation Master Plan that provides for a unique mountain bike park and a linear park on the banks of the Chattahoochee River
  • Replace playground equipment at four parks – including the universally accessible playground at Cobb Park and the Concord Road Linear Park
  • Add playground equipment to Chuck Camp Park and bring special playground equipment to Tolleson Park for children with learning differences
I have a long record of working with citizens, public safety officials, and city employees to protect and improve local neighborhoods and highways in Ward 5 and to resolve resident concerns. In my eight years in office, I have —
  • Resolved major stormwater runoff issues and repaired broken sidewalks in local neighborhoods.
  • Advocated for proper code enforcement and animal control protections within the city limits.
  • Helped start Neighborhood Watch programs to boost public safety.
  • Negotiated safer traffic conditions in neighborhoods, or between residential areas and shopping centers, as new developments unfolded.
  • Supported several Adopt-a-Mile groups, joining volunteers four or more times each year to clean up long stretches of South Cobb Drive, Pat Mell Road and other neglected areas in Ward 5.

Quality public schools are essential to the growth of our city and its people, and I’ve always been a strong supporter. As early as 2007, I was appointed by the mayor and council to serve on the city’s Educational Task Force, which lead to the present Smyrna Educational Foundation. Today I remain active and on the scene in Smyrna schools, whether serving as Principal for a Day at Campbell Middle, a science fair judge at Russell Elementary, installing a new learning garden at Green Acres Elementary, or introducing the city’s K-9 dog to the students at Belmont Hills Elementary.

I believe in transparent government — the only kind that’s in the best interests of all citizens. I don’t accept any form of enticement that might influence my vote or position on an issue, and I’m not part of any special interest group or lobby. As citizens, we should expect council members to disclose any potential conflicts of interest or to recuse themselves from voting on any city contract, project or development in which they have a vested interest.

I’m committed to preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods, and to balancing the needs and interests of private citizens and business owners/developers alike with the goal of strengthening our community as a whole. When evaluating proposed developments, I carefully consider the project’s impact on area neighborhoods, traffic, city zoning, and the immediate or long-term costs to Smyrna residents.

Growth is great, but as our city expands, it’s important to keep a range of attractive housing options that will continue to serve our diverse citizenry, including families, professionals, public servants, veterans, and seniors.

In my eight years on the council I’ve supported Habitat for Humanity and Wounded Warrior homes in Ward 5, and have embraced Habitat’s strategies for helping seniors adapt their homes so they can age in place. I’ve also advocated for senior housing as part of new residential developments.

I support the continued revitalization of Ward 5 — especially the South Cobb Drive corridor (between Windy Hill Road and Concord Road) and the continued connectivity of Smyrna’s new multi-use trails on this side of Ward 5. Even though Smyrna has other commitments that may delay a near-term start to construction, I will push to make these projects a priority in the upcoming SPLOST (Special Local Option Sales Tax) referendum.
+ Learn more about the proposed redevelopment
After engaging in a 16-month study of this area with GDOT and other partners, the council adopted the formal study in 2017, including three of its four proposed redevelopment concepts and numerous public comments in the 25-year Smyrna Comprehensive Plan. Redeveloping this high-traffic corridor would greatly improve the attractiveness, safety and functionality of this area and could spur economic growth as well. All three plans call for new landscaping and completely reconfigured streetscaping that would —
  • Improve traffic circulation and the safety of intersections
  • Increase pedestrian safety with new crosswalk locations, signal lights and possibly a raised median
  • Relocate and consolidate bus stops and make the curb cut-outs and walkways more pedestrian and ADA-friendly
  • Add 12-foot-wide multi-use paths for walkers and cyclists on both sides of South Cobb Drive with green space dividing the paths from the road
  • Add a pocket park along the corridor
  • Increase walking access to and from nearby neighborhoods with newly landscaped/shaded sidewalks
Some plans also include–
  • Bus pull-off areas at transit stops, improving traffic flow
  • Dedicated bike lanes that reduce driving delays and increase safety for cyclists

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